About Holly Moore Design

For more than a decade now as an independent residential designer, I’ve had the pleasure of helping clients create thoughtful and inspiring spaces that shape their lives and the lives of their families.

I believe when our living space is adapted for greater ease, comfort and beauty, our quality of life improves. This is a transformation I've witnessed time and again, and a process I love more today than ever.

I'm honored that so many families have invited me to help them achieve their design goals and grateful for the friendships we've built along the way.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and talk about your dreams for your home.


Getting started with Holly Moore Design

My role as a designer is to guide and navigate from the initial concept discussions right up to project completion.  I provide clear, coherent design options and feedback for you to consider along the way.  

With any new project or client, I offer as much time on the front end as necessary to make sure your needs, goals and personal style are clearly understood. My job is to listen carefully, observe, and ask the right questions.  Some starting points might be:

  • Is your living space limiting your daily life?  For which routine activities are you using regular "work-arounds?" Where is the flow of your family disrupted? What could be changed to support connection and comfort?
  • What is your design style?  While I believe it's important to make choices that reflect your family's functional needs, it's just as important to realize your style and sensibilities by weaving them into your design.
  • Your budget. As a mom of three and a business owner, I understand your bottom line can be key to every decision you make at every stage of the project.

Kicking off your project

I begin with an initial design concept meeting to discuss your needs and goals. II always welcome any inspirational images that inspire you, whether they be from magazines, Pinterest, Houzz, materials samples, colors, etc.  This is typically followed by my taking accurate as-built measurements of the existing space and/or property, depending on the scale of your project.

I then begin preparing conceptual design options, which, when completed, we review together in detail. We'll factor in your comments, opinions and ideas until we have a design in place that delights and excites you!

Typically, at this point, we'll select a building contractor, unless you've already chosen one. We'll then work with your contractor to finalize your design and develop a project budget and timeline that works for you.

I'll work hard to earn and retain your trust and satisfaction, and I'll make sure we have fun along the way. 

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have! Please feel free to contact me any time.


  • Remodels
  • New construction
  • Interiors
  • Historic homes


  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Washington State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts